Prepping For Another Semester As A Dance Major + Recap of Fall 2015


Last semester in dance I improved a lot but there is room for even more improvement.  Last semester, I made the mistake of not having everything I needed when the semester started because I was waiting to see what was required. This time, I am going to go shopping for some dance supplies before the semester starts back. At the college I attend we are only allowed to wear black leotards so I ordered a few and I will post pictures when they arrive. Of course, I need the “usual” dance supplies: new shoes, tights, hair nets, and hairpins. Make-up wise, I always wear mascara to class and my mascara is water (sweat) proof. Currently, I am on a mission to find black water proof eyeliner  (I have tried a few eye liners that say they are water proof but they did not work). Eye shadow wise I have some browns, a pink, and a grey but I need to get a blue and an orange.  Also, I have some dance goals for my New Year’s resolutions that I will post on December 31.

Here is a short recap of ballet fall 2015:


Here I am stretching before class.



My Attitude At The Barre



Stretching at the barre.



Barre stretch



Here I am with my ballet professor after class.

We are not allowed to take pictures or videos during class so all the photos in this post were taken either before or after class.


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