2016: Slowly Adding Grains Of Salt to My Potato

Art, Ballet

So far 2016 has had its ups and its downs. Being the positive person that I am, I prefer to think of all of my accomplishments as tiny grains of salt that I add to my potato, which represents the year 2016.

I got to add a grain of salt to my potato when I accomplished my new year’s resolution of overcoming shyness and becoming a confident person.

My audition for several university dance programs are coming up in August so I am working really hard and I am really nervous about getting in. So this summer I will be working really hard. In ballet, I currently am working on the 5th variation of Paquita. Honestly, I am super excited because this is my very first variation (I did not start dancing until I was 16). One of my weaknesses in ballet would definitely be my arms. My ballet instructor told me that this particular variation is a good fit for me because I have the technique for the skills but this piece will allow me to learn to use more artistry and learn to really soften the arms. 


Here I am working on my very first variation. This is my final pose in Variation 5 of Paquita.

One of my other New Year’s Resolutions was to become a more well rounded artist. I have continued to expand my knowledge in the fine arts. In March, I actually went to my first orchestra concert. Pieces of music from Disney’s Fantasia were performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Something really cool about this orchestra concert in particular was that while the orchestra played the pieces of music, the audience could also watch the corresponding Disney scene from Fantasia.


I am almost able to add a another grain of salt to my potato for time management but I am not quite there yet. I am learning that I am really good at making and executing tasks, but I need to prioritize my tasks better and learn to complete them in a more timely manner. 

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